Hop Nation Beers

It would seem that these candidates are good to go year round.  Your votes matter, so if you think you might like something that would slide into the year round category, please let your staff know!

CREAM ON!:  Oat-infused Cream Pale Ale
Built in the sense of a Cream Ale, Oats (not corn) make this beer truly unique in that the aromatics are reminiscent of cream and oatmeal, but the character of a Pale Ale thanks to the copious additions of freshly packed Summit, Centennial, and Chinook Hops.  With the hops comes a great nose of perfume, lemons, grapefruits, and hints of earth tones while the flavor is all about the thick mouthfeel of oats, but light enough on the palate to be an all day drinker!
Alc.:  4.5  IBU:  28  Hops:  as above but 100% “Harvest Fresh Product” from Roy Farms

Daily Weiss:  German Hefeweizen
Confused?  Don’t be!  This beer has flavor, so no need for fruit on the rim.  Tropical, stone fruit, and spicy clove notes in the aromatics show nicely on the palate as well.  Freshly provided using a 2,200 year old recipe without the standard import boat time (which can be upwards of 6 months).
Alc.:   4.2  IBU:  18  Hops:  Summit, Centennial, Sterling

EGO (Everyone’s Got One) IPA:  India Pale Ale
This lip smacking IPA has all the character of new and old world IPA’s.  Malty balance and sound bittering make for a highly drinkable ale.  Jam Packed with about 2#’s/bbl of fresh packed hops, this ale has huge amounts of citrus notes and perfume and the balanced bitterness that the traditional English relish in their IPA.
Alc.:  5.5  IBU:  63  Hops (including dry hop):  Columbus, Centennial, Sterling, and Cascade

Seasonals are made to keep things interesting.  In the nature of a seasonal they are beautifully limited, but each is deliciously distinctive in their own way.

Bock IN the Goat Rocks:  German Maibock
Traditionally brewed in January, this beer is a lager (slowly fermented and aged with lager yeast) that is aged for a minimum of 3 months.  The result is a refined, smooth mellow beer, with a bit of an alcoholic punch to the chops!  Mild flavor doesn’t mean without character!
Alc.:  7.0  IBU 30 Hops:  Summit, Nugget, Sterling, Centennial

ESBeotch:  ESB
As the name says, this beer is yours, but never mistaken.  Rich caramel notes and color, the flavors of roasted, chocolate, and honey malts marry with the balanced hop character to create a complex tasty beer that is everything you want in an ESB.  Enjoy it for it simple goodness or the raucous symphony of flavors that harmoniously roll across your tongue.
Alc.:  6.0  IBU:  48  Hops:  Summit, Chinook, Galena, Nugget

Built with our brothers and sisters of the Ridge in mind.  Bombs bursting in air is how I like to think of the flavors on one’s tongue.  Made with Concentrated Galena for bittering and experimentally hopped using ADHA527 for middle, last and dry hop additions.  Originally brewed under the moniker “Red Sky”, for the 2005 Fresh Hop Ale Festival, this ale has evolved into what it is today…purely unique caramel flavors accompanied by a bit of chocolate.  It is a reflection of its components.  Be careful when approaching.  It will either defend your freedom, or incarcerate you into submission.  Waterboard-free produced. 
Alc.: 7.0  IBU: 70 Hops:  Galena, ADHA 527.

Seeking the center of the universe, I found the Eye of the Hop.  Ominous and strange, we encounter its’ hoppy bursts or experimentally ludicrous loads of tropical fruit, apricot, peach, and our favorite, perfume.  Made with Concentrated Galena for bittering and experimentally hopped using ADHA527 for middle, last and dry hop additions.  Mild bitter attack, this malty beverage finishes with a decently bitter backbone to support the 7% alcohol.
Alc.:  7.0  IBU:  80  Hops:  Pekko (formerly ADHA 871)