How to earn money with driver’s license?

By in Car selling advice on May 26, 2014

In these dire days with the financial crisis looming on the horizon, everyone tries to make ends meet in various ways. Having a certain set of skills makes that much easier. No matter if we’re talking about welding skills, car fixing, or even cooking. Wait, how about having a driver’s license? Is it possible to make any money out of it in this country, where almost everyone holds that document? Well, let’s read and see for yourself! As it turns out, you can earn a few bucks by having the plastic itself. Not literally, perhaps, as you’d have to do some things. Yet, the comfort that any driver’s license holder can monetize their skills is definitely a good prospect. Read on and learn more how to make money with your permission to drive!

  1. Pizza delivery

    This seems so obvious that many people tend to forget about it. Yet, if you got a small car that can whiz by traffic jams and city traffic, this offer may be a great thing for you. And if you are good at making interpersonal relations, it could be a dream job! In fact, doing pizza deliveries is one of the simplest ways for forming new relation and making acquaintances (no matter how strange the latter part sounds.) Don’t get too excited, though. The Internet shows that pizza delivery people rarely make more than the minimal wage. Obviously, if you are great at making good relations with clients, you may be getting high tips. However, if you take into consideration the costs of car maintenance, the sum paid for its insurance, or even the gas itself, you may realize that making $10 an hour could be a lot in this particular business. Also, please remember that it’s an offer particularly for people who have relatively fuel-efficient cars. More than that, it’s good when you have an old rattletrap that you won’t regret and can make simple fixes yourself. After all, the car will be subject to harsh driving conditions on a daily basis, out of which, the smell of pizza (very hard to get rid of!) could be the least evil thing!

Our opinion: Does it make sense to take up that job? It depends. unless you got something else looming on the horizon, better stay away from pizza delivery. Yet, in case you got nothing better to do all day and have an old small car, then, why not?

  1. Driving a taxi

    Unlike it is the case with becoming a pizza delivery guy, here you’ll have to get some formal education. Overall, it’s all about passing the taxi drivers’ test and then applying for a job at one of the taxi companies (there are lots of them in every city.) Although the actual requirements vary on the basis of a state and a city, you’ll basically have to pass all these points:

  • being at least 21 years old;
  • having a driver’s license;
  • no criminal record;
  • no sex crimes

Our opinion: just like it is the case with pizza deliveries, here you can make a whole lot of money if you know how to handle people. On the other hand, when you remember all these headlines about another “taxi driver found dead”, there’s definitely something that puts you off doing that job.

  1. Bread Delivery

    Seems like an ideal choice for any early bird. All that you have to do is to take bread from the bakery and distribute it among the local shops. Payments do vary and depend on the particular bakery. However, it is a good idea for anyone looking to make a few hundreds of additional bucks.

  2. Parcel Delivery

    If you do that, there’s much bigger chance that you’ll make decent money. This is because parcel deliverers are many a time highly sifted off by their clients. All you have to do is to be able to drive a van and carry larger roads. Plus to that, the risk that you will get robbed is minimized since the parcel delivery companies do not let the deliverers carry money with them.

Our opinion: Got a van and lots of time? Go and find a parcel delivery job in your neighborhood! It’s one of the simplest ways to make money by having a driver’s license.

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